they're coming from the furthest reaches of the galaxy to invade your space! can you withstand their onslaught? you'll have to drive them off, but it won't be easy - they'll change their speed, reverse directions, unleash their terrifying alien babies on you! do you have what it takes to survive this nightmare from the stars?

space intruders is freeware.
click here to download it!

or click here for a screenshot!

how to play

use the arrow keys to move the pod and the shift key to fire. shoot all the aliens to finish the wave (600 bonus points)!

but watch out! the green aliens shoot at you, the red aliens make more green aliens, and the purple aliens make more red aliens!


whenever you are hit the mother brain takes damage! if the mother brain is destroyed, the game is over!

if you collect 1800 points in a single wave, the mother brain will be healed (wave score is shown outside the bubble at the top of the screen, total score is inside).

illustrated list of aliens
children abilities point values

illustrated list of capsules
bonuses and power ups

space intruders was created by ancil anthropy

created with game maker 5

sounds from soundrangers womyn's game design criticism